Stories about finding your heart and soul around the world.

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"As… a graphic designer… my stock in trade—like that of any creative person—has been perspective, looking at things in new ways, seeing angles, patterns, and details that I might orchestrate to catch the eye and the fancy.

For creative people, not deciding things too quickly is essential. Being willing to leave the “doors” of decision open is what enables us to keep our perspective fluid, moving freely from one conceptual “room” to another, exploring those fresh points of view. That willingness, that openness, is the very heart and soul of creativity.

When you try different angles from which to approach things, different lenses to see them and different dimensions to understanding them, it nurtures your curiosity and wonder, and gives you points of access to nature—both sensory and spiritual—where there might otherwise be none."

Jeffrey D. Willius, The Art of Ambivalence: Not Knowing Can Be A Good Thing